Saturday, May 5, 2012

Future job -Accounting . I think ill be interested in this job because im really interested in accounting. It is my second job direction when i advance into the working world. Hence i feel that having a job experience in accounting would definitely benefit me in the future should i choose to go into the accounting field. I think that the accounting field has lots of good prospects because the world revolves around check and balances. This job not only gives off high pay but its also an office job. I used to score really well for my Principles of Accounting subject back in Singapore, however since they dont offer it here in TAPA, i think having this job will help make up for the experience. -Accounting . Similar to my post above, i feel that it is important to have some experience before deciding your career path, hence i would like to sign up for this job because i want to have a hands on experience on accounting, before deciding it as my future job. Having this job will also help make my Resume better by having the experience in this field. I feel that it is important that we know what we want to do in the future and not make hasty decisions about it, this entry level job will allow me to decide if i want to pursue this career path. -Psychology . Psychology is another thing that interest me, and is another one of my career options. Although our school offers psychology, i havent got the space to fit it in my schedule due to other conflicting classes, hence im going to try take it next year. I feel that having this job is going to be good, because i can have some hands on experience about the subject field. I personally like this subject and have read several books about psychology which keeps me interested in it. This entry level job will give me the right amount of experience i need should i ever want to venture into this field of job PS. I spent really long before finding this job!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

DEVIL TRIANGLE (Bermuda Triangle)

Source 1

 The bermuda triangle is also famously known as the Devil Triangle, it is an imaginary drawn triangle located off the southeastern atlantic coast of the United States of America. The reason why its so special is because, there have been many instances of plane going missing or having weird weather condition within this triangle. The United STates navy and air force have lost several ships and plane within this triangle hence making it a mystery up till today. Although it was totally unknown about the cause of the various disappearance, however scientific technology today help us better understand the conditions which might have caused their disappearance. For instance within this Bermuda triangle there is a very strong current known as the Gulf Stream. This strong current have the power to remove any evidence, proving that the wrecks of the ship might have been pushed away by the current.

 Source 2

 A similar area in the world called the Devil Sea or also known as the pacific bermuda triangle, which is located off the seacoast of Japan displays similar occurrence and display the same magnetic characteristics. One of the reasons why the Bermuda Triangle is so special is because, similarly to the devil sea, it is one of the two places in the world that the compass points true north. Why is this so important you say? The difference between north and south is known as the compass variation, this number changes as you circumnavigate the earth surface, hence if the compass is pointing true north, the compass variation is not compensated and that the sailor will soon find himself off track. This could be one of the reason why sailors often go missing in this triangle, most likely they would have went off course and ran out of food and die.
 Source 3

 This video, gives a basic summary about the incident of flight 19. Flight 19 was a group of Five Avenger torpedo bombers on a routine practice mission. What makes this a mystery is that the wreck of remains of this 5 planes were never found. Too add to this mystery was the disappearance of one of the rescue plane. In this video it states several theory of why the plane when missing, for instance the leader Captain Taylor probably presumed he was in FLorida Keys where he was actually not and in the end going off course, due to the fact that they are running out of fuel, they most likely crashed into the sea. The disappearance of the rescue plane could also be accounted as an accident because, there have been several incident of that model plane exploding in mid air, because of a spark. Reports of sighting a flash of light in the air and the sound of crashing into the sea could confirm that the explosion in the air was from the rescue plane.

 Source 4

 In this source, one of the reasons for the disappearance of flight 19 could be due the navigational confusion. Captain Taylor despite being an experience pilot, having over 2500 flight hours, apparently got lost during the flight. During that time and age, it was very easy to go off course, because the pilots have to depend on knowing their starting point, the distance and speed that they had flown and the direction, not knowing or having a mistake with either one of this could lead the pilot off course. Unlike todays age with the GPS, which would render any pilot virtually unable to get loss, however at that time even the most experience pilot had the ability to get lost. His assumption of being over the Florida keys proved to have a bad effect on the flight. Despite being urged to give control to one of his student, he refused to give control. Hence the hope for Flight 19 was slowly dropping as the weather was getting rougher and that they were running low on fuel, in addition to the lack of communication. All these led to the failure and disappearance of flight 19.

 Source 5

 In this source, it is a compilation of various theory that could have explained the various mysterious disappearance over the bermuda triangle. One possible speculation is that 11000 years ago, there was a comet that landed in the middle of the bermuda triangle, hence giving of strange electro magnetic quality which could disrupt compass and make ships lost. Another possible solution is that there is Methane hyrdrates which could potentially have the power to sink ships and even stall an airplane engine. Other far fetched theories includes, UFO sucking up planes and boats, a warp hole, sucking the boats and planes into another dimension. Another interesting theory is that in the middle of the Bermuda triangle lays the ancient city of Atlantic and that the ancient crystals used to power the cities, disrupt the navigational system of planes and ships. Myth or facts, they are up to you to decide, because up till this day there is no absolute fact about the Bermuda Triangle.

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Norse mythology in this speech I'll talk about the basic history of Norse mythology, about the different gods, and the different events which happened, for instance the Ragnarock. Talk about the god thor and talk about the different god which was later renamed to become the days of the week. Patt Tillman Talk about the life of Patrick Tillman, talk about how he changed from a professional football player earning millions of dollars to become a low paying but honourable job as a ranger who died in line of duty. Talk about the scandal which involved the government, in an attempt to coverup pat Tillman death as an honourable soldier in line of duty instead of being killed by friendly fire. Evolution of cloning Cloning has always been a controversial topic in the scientific world. Dating back to 1880, when Dr Augus Weissmann first states genetic information of a cell diminishes with each cell division, to the recent success of cloning a sheep, called Dolly. The field of cloning have rapidly been developing, hoping to reach the stage where humans are able to clone an organ to give aid to the medical world. This has been shown through many movies, for instance the Island. However do we actually have the rights to artificially make a new human just for the sake of reproducing an extra organ?

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Everything in this world is created with a good purpose however, it can be used in a bad way, so you cant blame something for its potential danger to humankind. For instance, the creation of Rat poison to kill rat, it also have the potential to kill people, hence was it a bad invention? In our modern age we live in, technological advances are growing so rapidly that we seem to forget our ethics. Science indeed has been a relatively helpful for humans however it could also spell disaster, it depends how you use it, for instance the field of nuclear weapon is developing and could spell destruction to the world.

One of the major invention of our time which i feel is very wrong and we should not go into is the field of cloning. In my opinion i feel that this is very wrong as we are going against the law of nature. Everything in this world is related, for instance the cow eat the grass, we eat the cow, we are dependent on each other, by having cloning and mutation, we are going to disrupt the chain of nature. It will change the demographics of a specific group. Indeed cloning can also help mankind by reproducing body organs that can help patients that are desperately needing a heart, or lungs. Hence the field of cloning both have its pros and cons